Eleganza - Elegant & Modern Responsive Website Template


Elegance meets modernity in this template. Ideal for architects, real estate agents, freelancers, portfolio and much more.

Key Features :

  • Responsive (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)

  • Light & Dark Mode Support (Based on visitor’s Device Setting)

  • Easily Add Projects (Thanks to the CMS library)

  • Collect Emails (Send your subscribers update emails)

  • Boost Your Visibility & SEO With Keyword-Rich Content

  • Works With Framer’s Basic Plan (Ideal if you’re just starting and/or don’t want to spend too much on your website !)

Pages & Sections (Easily Customizable) :

  • Home

  • Residential Services

  • Commercial Services

  • About Us

  • Projects Library (CMS)

  • Projects Page (CMS)

  • 404

Preview : Eleganza

Love the template but want me to set it up for you ? No problem ! Contact me on my website at https://etiennehache.com so we can settle on the terms and conditions.

How does it work ?
Once you purchase on this website, you'll get an email with a remix link that allows you to copy the template to your Framer account and edit so it fits your specific needs. It's that simple !

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